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Filix today

Filix has been being the specialist in elastic yarns, worldwide recognized since 1934. Our world is on perpetual movement. Fashion and technologies change and we must constantly adapt to.
Our objective is to research and develop creative solutions which allow our customers to constantly keep a competitive edge.
We are active in virtually every sector, apparel, industry, medical and protection. Our expertise and respect of confidentiality are at your service.
A high-performance company with a board range of knowhow, Filix is a creator of solutions that, more than ever, makes customers' service its number one priority.
Quality, reactivity, and flexibility are at the heart of our business and drive all the women and men who make Filix successful.
Today, Filix represents a total of 36,500m² spread among three sites employing around 220 people skilled in customer service.
Filix has a range of equipment capable of meeting all sorts of customers' requirements, from a few dozen kilos up to a few dozen tons, whatever type of yarn needed.
Filix does business in over 50 countries worldwide through a network of agents and distributors who have been working faithfully with us for many years.

Customer-driven R&D is a priority for Filix.
- 1 R&D lab.
- 1 Inspection lab.
- A highly skilled team dedicated to customer service.
- High capacity for developing new yarns (over 250 per year).
- 1 trial workshop for preindustrial adjustments.

Filix choses to reduce its environmental impact.
- Oeko-Tex® certification.
- Application of Reach standards.
- Development of yarns using natural fibers.
- Choice of suppliers providing Oeko-Tex® certified dyed yarns.
- Use of Reach textile oils that respect the environment.